Booking villas in the Dominican Republic. Rent at democratic prices


Villas in the Dominican Republic are an opportunity to fully enjoy your vacation in this wonderful Caribbean paradise. We can choose for you a villa of any category, for a wide variety of tastes, habits, desires and claims. The cost of villas in the Dominican Republic varies depending on the service and location of the villa. It is possible to rent a classic villa with standard service. Well, if you are in the mood for a royal vacation, you are welcome, you can rent a villa in the Dominican Republic, the service of which will fulfill any whims of a tourist tired from the Russian cold weather.

Renting villas in the Dominican Republic is carried out from anywhere in the world, regardless of your location. You can also rent a villa in the Dominican Republic locally, but there will be less guarantees that it will still be free. Renting a villa in the Dominican Republic will become much easier if you use the services of our company …

You can rent a villa in the Dominican Republic based on your most intimate wishes. The villas will be equipped according to your requirements and wishes, you can pre-order a car or any other means of transportation, assistance 24 hours a day.

To book apartments, you can contact our managers by phone numbers indicated on the website or send the application form electronically!

Our Tour Guides will be wearing a mask throughout the duration of the tour and wearing gloves when sanitizing, taking temperatures, opening/closing doors, and providing sanitizer to guests.

Before leaving our dispatch, each Tour Guide will ensure that all surfaces in the vehicle are properly sanitized and wiped down.

Prior to any guest entering the vehicle at their pickup location our Tour Guide will use a non-contact thermometer to ensure that anyone with a fever or anyone travelling with others who have a fever (any temperature over 99 degrees Fahrenheit) do not enter the vehicle. If a customer has a fever we will issue a full refund.

During the excursion our Tour Guides will be the only individuals to open and close the doors of the vehicle.

At each stop when guests exit the vehicle our Tour Guide will use sanitary wipes to disinfect commonly touched areas inside the vehicle.

Upon getting back into the vehicle our Tour Guide will provide hand sanitizer or wipes for each customer.

At the end of each tour all surfaces inside the vehicle will be sanitized and wiped down. We will limit the number of guests on our tours to 8 people.

We are expanding our communications about our refund policy to ensure anyone who is not feeling well will receive a full refund for the tour if cancelled.

Our leadership team will continue to actively monitor the recommendations from the CDC, WHO, and OHA and implement best-practices accordingly.

When you place your reservation we collect your name, email address, phone number, and home address so that if we receive notification that a guest has tested positive for COVID-19 we can contact all other guests that were on that tour.

All tour guests will be required to sign a Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement prior to joining the tour. If a guest refuses to sign the waiver they will not be allowed to join the tour. The waiver can be found here: Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement

As always, we will communicate clearly and directly about our plans and activities to continue to offer our tours in the safest possible environment.

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