WHAT TO BRING FROM DOMINICAN? - Excurcions in Dominican Republic


Going on vacation to the Dominican Republic, be sure to study the information on existing souvenirs and national crafts. You will save your time hiking in souvenir shops and you will know what you can buy.

The Dominican Republic is very rich in gifts and souvenirs that you can bring to your family and friends. Among them are cosmetics, and dolls, and paintings, and jewelry. Many travelers have long preferred to bring food or national drinks as a gift. Let’s talk about drinks in the first place.

Rum. A very good gift for connoisseurs of this wonderful drink. In the Dominican Republic, you can find different types of rum, ranging from rum infused with cognac to rum with a thirty-year aging. Taste rum at the hotel both in pure form and as a part of cocktails, in souvenir shops try all varieties of rum, there are a lot of them in the republic. The most popular brands Ron Barceló. Ron Barceló Blanco or Ron Barceló Dorado are budget options, but Ron Barceló IMPERIAL is an expensive option, almost twice. Even if you are not a special lover of strong drinks, try to buy a small bottle and use it as a therapeutic purpose.

In order to navigate the marking, remember what marks should be on the rum:

Anejo is an annual exposure mark;

Extro Viejo – a mark of several years of exposure;

Reserva Especial – the best endurance, over 10 years.

If you do not find marks, you may encounter a fake, so check everything carefully and taste the rum if possible.

Only two liters of rum can be taken out per person, which is very sad for many tourists. However, this is not a reason to be upset, as duty-free offers to buy the same rum at the airport.

Of course, the search at the Dominican airport is not the most stringent, but sometimes the bags are not searched and they may not be checked.

Mamahuana. Of course, not as popular as rum, but deserves special attention. This is a strong alcoholic tincture, the locals love it very much. Use not only as alcohol, but also for therapeutic and preventive purposes. Mamahuana drink is infused with medicinal herbs. You can buy both a ready-made drink and a collection of herbs that you can prepare at home. In souvenir shops usually the prices are very high, and in specialized stores the price is quite nice.

There are other types of alcohol in the Dominican Republic: whiskey, brandy, gin, but they are not so popular to bring them. Let’s talk about coffee next.

Coffee. The most popular coffee in the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo. A very recognizable brand, they produce coffee both in beans and in ground. There are many mini coffee factories in the republic, but you should also try before buying. In the supermarket you can buy any type of coffee without fear for a fake, all products are certified. Prices are lower, and the choice is greater in supermarkets, but you can not try before buying.

The next most common gift is cigars and cigarillos.

Cigars. The choice is very large. There are the cheapest ones, they are often bought for a present, and locals like to smoke them. Arturo Fuente, E.P. Carrillo, La Aurora, Juan Clemente are expensive brands that are usually individually packed or sold in a beautiful souvenir box. The Dominican Republic also sells a large number of Cuban cigarettes, be sure to check the country of manufacture before buying.

Like alcohol, there are restrictions on cigars – fifty pieces per person.

Cigarillos. Many tourists who like cigarettes with additives – apples, grapes, cherries, buy cigarillos. They are much cheaper and sold everywhere.

Chocolate lovers should consider buying the finest chocolate in the Dominican Republic.

Chocolate. It is appreciated for the fact that it is made from cocoa beans grown in the republic itself. Usually it is very dark chocolate without any additives, if on the shelves of the supermarket you will find milk chocolate – this is a product not of the local manufacturer. Often you can find small balls of chocolate, having prepared which you will get hot chocolate or as a topping for a pie. In its pure form, chocolate is very bitter, many do not like it. Cocoa powder is on sale, cocoa is rich and aromatic, and there is also chocolate tea. Try and enjoy the taste.

Almost every tourist from exotic countries always brings exotic fruits.

Fruits. Buy fruit at local markets or supermarkets before you leave. The fruits are very ripe and juicy, they should not be kept for a long time. Buy mangoes, pineapples, papaya, passion fruit – all fruits are very ripe and tasty, despite the fact that in our stores they sell mangoes or pineapples, the fruits are much more appetizing and juicier.

Next, we dwell on non-food gifts and souvenirs.

Jewelry. Especially tourists like to buy jewelry in the form of earrings or pendants with larimar. The stone carries a positive energy and is liked by girls. Larimar can be bought in processed form: silver earrings with larimar, ring with larimar, tourists buy unprocessed in order to further process the stone at home or just as a souvenir.

In the Dominican Republic, you will find amber of incredible beauty. The most exquisite jewelry made of blue amber will not leave anyone indifferent.

A large number of wooden jewelry is presented in the Dominican Republic for girls and women. You will enjoy the shark amulet with elegance and refinement of forms, and the positive energy of the amulet will bring you good luck.

Cosmetics. All cosmetics in the Dominican Republic are made from natural products, this is a great gift for girls and women. The most popular are coconut oil and cocoa butter. Very high quality and good product, will serve for a long time, as it has a small expense. The prices in souvenir shops are too high compared to a pharmacy where goods can be bought at half the price.

Scrubs based on cane sugar, coffee beans or sea salt are very popular. Shampoos and balms will please the fair sex with a good effect and low price.

Medication. The most popular pharmacy chains are Carol and MELO, on the shelves of these pharmacies you can see not only medicines, but also natural cosmetics, household products. If you forgot to buy a tanning or mosquito repellent, you can find on the shelves of these pharmacies. However, be always healthy and bring your own medicines, since it is not always possible to find exactly those medicines that you use in everyday life for treatment.

I also want to say about such a popular souvenir from the Dominican Republic – a doll. “Creole doll” or “Lima doll” are small dolls without a face. Why they don’t have a face, but because the creator of these dolls, Lilian Mera, could not distinguish the national features of the Dominicans, whose ancestors were the peoples of Africa, the Spaniards, and the Indians.

Choose gifts and souvenirs as you wish, your choice is the most correct and correct. Keep in mind the limitations and don’t forget to pack your souvenir carefully.

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