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The island of Haiti consists of two completely opposite countries – the Republic of Haiti in the west and the Dominican Republic in the east.

The first republic is familiar to us as a country of ruins and slums. Remember the events of 2010, when there was a powerful earthquake in the Republic of Haiti – 220 thousand people died, 300 thousand people were injured, 3 million people were left homeless. For such a poor Republic of Haiti with 10 million people – this was the end of the world, the damage from the tragedy amounted to 5.6 billion euros. The international community was so excited about what happened that they promised to allocate about 10 billion euros for the country’s reconstruction. Haiti received money, but also disappeared quickly, as always, so nothing was restored. Now in Haiti everyone is begging, the authorities are begging the international states, and people are begging each other or visiting tourists. There are a catastrophic amount of problems in Haiti, and no one knows how to solve them, and does not really try.

The Dominican Republic, located in the east of the island, is undoubtedly associated with heaven on earth by many people. Snow-white beaches, clean sand, bright sun – three components of a great vacation. However, many can argue, since the sea, sand and sun are in almost all resorts of the Mediterranean and beyond. Why fly so far and overpay for a vacation? Of course, it is worth flying just to understand for yourself what it is, to get acquainted with the country and find out the most interesting facts and myths about the Dominican Republic. After the trip, you will begin to reason completely differently and more than once will return to this paradise of the earth.

We will tell you some legends and stories about the amazing Republic of Dominican Republic.

The first story is connected with the wonderful stone Larimar. Many tourists are eager to bring themselves or as a gift an adornment made of this beautiful stone. But not many people know how this stone appeared in the Dominican Republic and what events are associated with it. Let’s figure it out. On one of the coasts of the Dominican Republic, local artist Miguel Mendez found a sea-colored stone. He called this stone Larimar, in honor of his daughter Laris and the sea (mar – the sea in Spanish). Larimar is an Atlantic stone, and they believe that these are pieces of the sunken state of Atlantis, respectively, the Dominican Republic is part of a sunken civilization. You can believe, but you can not believe it, your choice. Larimar is also called Dominican turquoise or dolphin stone; it is mined only in the Dominican Republic.

In almost every country there are shrines where lovers jump by a statue, tie ribbons, close locks in honor of eternal love and devotion. This place is in the Dominican Republic. This is the beach of Juaniyo, where the poor fisherman Juan made an appointment with his beloved from the island’s richest family. The meeting took place at the old pine. Every day they met secretly by a pine tree, where, soon after spending all his savings, Juan gave his lover a ring. However, there are two endings to this beautiful story. One of them with a good ending, and the other with a bad end. The first ending tells how the beloved escaped together from the island to be always alone, and the second, how the girl’s parents prevented the rapprochement and upset the happy union. Until now, lovers flock to the beach of Huaniyo to tie a ribbon, which symbolizes fidelity, devotion and love.

There is another funny myth associated with the Dominican Republic. It concerns the burial place of the first traveler and navigator Christopher Columbus. There was a legend that, after his death, Columbus was first buried in Spain, his body was soon transported to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, then to Cuba, and then back to Spain, to Seville. The legend that Christopher Columbus was buried in Seville Cathedral has existed for centuries. However, after opening the grave, scientists dissuaded everyone, saying that the body in the tomb belongs to the son of Christopher Columbus – Diego, because from the remains one can say that this is a thin body, forty years old, and Columbus died at the age of sixty.

Now scientists say that the body of Columbus is located in the Dominican Republic. But there is no evidence and probably never will be, as the Dominicans refuse to let the Spaniards open the remains in the alleged grave in Santo Domingo. This is their legend, their history and their country – they decide.

The following legend tells us about the Highway Basilica – the main cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary. All tourists visiting not only the Dominican Republic, but also all of Latin America, visit this attraction the very first. By far the most beautiful cathedral, which is decorated with stained glass windows with an image of an orange tree and an icon under the tree. Curious tourists know the legend of a girl from the city of Highway, who received the icon of the Virgin Mary as a gift from her father. Every day the icon was found under an orange tree in the grove, as they did not try to return, the icon was always under the tree, as the locals called this place a saint and erected the Basilica of the Virgin Mary on this site.

The following unsolved riddles are associated with the Miracle Cave (Cueva de las Maravillas). The six hundred kilometer cave of Miracles is a small part of the long chain of caves of the Dominican Republic. Tourists who get inside are amazed by the huge number of halls with stalactites and stalagmites, a lot of prehistoric drawings of ancient Indians are presented in the cave. Tourists can watch how fear and horror of the forces of nature are reflected in the painting. Since 2003, the cave has been completely reconstructed and resembles a fairytale castle with convenient walking paths and lighting. Thanks to the presence of underground rivers, a fantastic game of light and shadow, tourists find themselves in a mysterious and mysterious kingdom, where each new hall is fraught with a surprise.

This is only a small part of the myths, legends and mysteries with which we introduced you. Travel around the country, be interested in new places, because the Dominican Republic is an example of a country with a rich landscape nature, with various climatic zones. That distant past seems recent here, and the recent one is well styled antique so that it takes your breath away.

Plan your vacation, read information about the country, book excursions. We will definitely help you with this!

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