HOW TO CHEAP TRIP TO DOMINICAN? - Excurcions in Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic is the most expensive resort, according to many. However, there are several ways to save your finances and enjoy the beaches of the resort for quite little money.

What season can I go to the Dominican Republic cheaply?

The most beautiful beaches, favorable weather throughout the year, excellent mountainous terrain creates unique conditions for travel and leisure for tourists from all over the world. You should know that in the Dominican Republic there are two seasons: dry and wet. As we have already said, the temperature throughout the year is slightly variable. If in January 25 degrees Celsius, then in July 28 degrees Celsius. It is worth remembering that in the dry season, and this season is from December to April, the weather is slightly colder than in the wet season, from April to December, when the peak of the hottest months is recorded.

What to remember when choosing a trip from April to September:

Prices for tourist packages from April to September are quite loyal, since during this period heavy rainfall in the form of rain is possible, but do not be afraid of them. They are usually short-lived, and mostly fall at night.

Also, great competition from other countries – Spain, Turkey, Montenegro, Greece, reduces the tourist flow of tourists in the Dominican Republic, which naturally affects the price of your tour.

Therefore, you should choose when you want to organize your trip to this wonderful country. However, remember what season the climate is, since not all people tolerate a climate that is too humid or, conversely, too dry.

If we consider the season from October to March, then during this period of time, relaxing in this beautiful country with a favorable tropical climate will come out a little expensive. Let’s see why?

The most comfortable climate for many people just falls on this period. Not very hot, comfortable to rent a car and travel around the country. There is no precipitation. In general, a huge tourist flow sets off to travel during this period to the Dominican Republic.

New Year holidays and Christmas holidays are the coolest pastime in this unforgettable country. Everyone will find a place for themselves here: relax and sunbathe together on the beach, go on a trip to the mountains, have fun all night in local clubs, start surfing.

After the New Year holidays, many plan their holidays for the month of February, as the mating games of the humpback whales begin. It may not sound funny, but it is an unforgettable experience, since it was in February that the whales swam so close to the shore that everyone is crazy to like to watch their mating games.

Well, in March the carnival season begins, and it is so enchanting and entertaining that it is worth visiting them at least once in your life to understand the full power of the holiday and find yourself in the center of events.

What is the best way to book a vacation: on your own or through a travel agency?

It’s no secret that tourists who choose flights by themselves, book hotels or apartments and plan their holidays have become very popular now. This is quite correct for many countries, since you have the freedom to choose your leisure time, the opportunity to save money on air travel, use the services of hotels or even rent an apartment or room from the owner. The choice is great. A particularly large number of European countries now accept such “free” tourists.

However, choosing the resorts of Turkey or Egypt, many opt for tourist packages. Namely, because it is much cheaper than paying for air tickets, arranging a transfer and booking a hotel. Why? Travel companies have certain discounts on airline tickets and hotel reservations, while independent tourists do not have such a discount.

Therefore, the Dominican Republic is just one of those countries where you should choose a tour package and not think about anything else, because the flight takes place on a charter flight without transfers, a transfer to the hotel is organized and the hotel itself is selected.

But if you still do not want to book a tour package, then buy tickets in advance. Usually, 40 days vouchers are much cheaper than two weeks before departure. Sometimes in a day or two you can find the remaining tickets for flights, but all flights will be with transfers. Sometimes there are two or three transplants, it depends on you how you transfer in principle the transplant.

When booking hotels, again, independent tourists will have a much higher cost than travel agencies. Contact us at any time and we will organize your vacation without any problems.

If your desire to live not in a hotel, but in an apartment or villa is so great that you do not mind any money for your flight, then we can reserve the best offers for you in the Dominican Republic.

We want to dispel the myth that, choosing cheap apartments or 3-star hotels, you strive to get into poor living conditions. This is an erroneous statement for this country, since the resort’s service will be at its best anywhere, starting with three star hotels and ending with the most fashionable five-star hotels.

What to choose an all-inclusive or hotel-free system?

Try to choose an all-inclusive system in hotels, so you can save some of the money on food.

If you choose a travel package only with breakfast, then in the Dominican Republic there are many ways to save on food in local restaurants.

Shop at SuperMercado supermarkets, or at Mercado small markets. The price tag for many products is the same as in Russia, with the exception of the price of bread.

Engage in buying fruit at a time when fruit machines ply around the resort, where the price of many types of fruit is much cheaper.

As for fish, the situation is similar with fruits. Wait until 16-00, then the fishermen come and bring the freshest fish.

If you choose a walk in the city, then for dinner choose small taverns or restaurants, their prices are much lower than in large restaurants. Choose dishes in favor of local cuisine.

A network of dining rooms comedy will delight its visitors with delicious food and nice prices. An approximately standard lunch in such canteens costs $ 6-7.

Each tourist will meet on his gastronomic journey many interesting dishes and delicious treats at good prices, you should choose where you plan to eat or buy food, just always remember about hygiene. Drink only bottled water, wash or peel fruits, so you will be 100% sure of the usefulness of the product.

Having introduced you to our country a little, we invite you to visit the Dominican Republic and enjoy the beautiful beaches and the unforgettable Caribbean Sea in the south of the island and the Atlantic Ocean in the north of the Caribbean Archipelago.

Our task is to make your stay unforgettable and comfortable. Contact us at any time for you, leave your applications and our team will organize your rest and leisure in the best quality standards.

Our Tour Guides will be wearing a mask throughout the duration of the tour and wearing gloves when sanitizing, taking temperatures, opening/closing doors, and providing sanitizer to guests.

Before leaving our dispatch, each Tour Guide will ensure that all surfaces in the vehicle are properly sanitized and wiped down.

Prior to any guest entering the vehicle at their pickup location our Tour Guide will use a non-contact thermometer to ensure that anyone with a fever or anyone travelling with others who have a fever (any temperature over 99 degrees Fahrenheit) do not enter the vehicle. If a customer has a fever we will issue a full refund.

During the excursion our Tour Guides will be the only individuals to open and close the doors of the vehicle.

At each stop when guests exit the vehicle our Tour Guide will use sanitary wipes to disinfect commonly touched areas inside the vehicle.

Upon getting back into the vehicle our Tour Guide will provide hand sanitizer or wipes for each customer.

At the end of each tour all surfaces inside the vehicle will be sanitized and wiped down. We will limit the number of guests on our tours to 8 people.

We are expanding our communications about our refund policy to ensure anyone who is not feeling well will receive a full refund for the tour if cancelled.

Our leadership team will continue to actively monitor the recommendations from the CDC, WHO, and OHA and implement best-practices accordingly.

When you place your reservation we collect your name, email address, phone number, and home address so that if we receive notification that a guest has tested positive for COVID-19 we can contact all other guests that were on that tour.

All tour guests will be required to sign a Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement prior to joining the tour. If a guest refuses to sign the waiver they will not be allowed to join the tour. The waiver can be found here: Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement

As always, we will communicate clearly and directly about our plans and activities to continue to offer our tours in the safest possible environment.

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