Fans of spending the winter under palm trees especially like the favorite resorts of Punta Cana or Bavaro in the Dominican Republic. These resorts are chosen for a pleasant climatic season, which lasts from the onset of winter cold in Russia, namely from November to March. The atmosphere of privacy and the bright sun attracts a lot of people to come to the Dominican Republic and stay for a long time.

The Dominican Republic has a visa-free regime, so entry into the country is quite easy. You just need to fill out a tourist card at the border crossing, pay about 10 dollars, and you can stay in the country for up to 60 days. If you want to stay longer, pay extra about 6-8 dollars and continue to enjoy the beauties of the Dominican Republic.

If you plan to spend the whole winter in the Dominican Republic, be sure to buy medical insurance, since medical care will cost you a lot. Popular insurance companies – ARS, Humano and Universal will help you in choosing, it is better to arrange insurance directly at the vacation spot. You should not carry huge first-aid kits, since all products are about the same as in Russia. If you use a drug all the time, then of course take care of buying the drug in Russia for your tenure in the country.

Consider the main advantages of the Dominican Republic among other popular resorts for wintering: Thailand and Vietnam.

  1. Housing. Apartments in the Dominican Republic are quite expensive, but the price for a month depends on the proximity of housing to the sea or a shopping center. If you have chosen apartments far from busy streets and shops, then you will have to spend money on car rental to go to the shops. Gasoline in the Dominican Republic is expensive, renting a car per day will be about $ 20. Of course, housing is cheaper, but with everyday expenses for a car and gasoline it is not always profitable.

If you plan your vacation in advance, then you can start booking hotels or apartments in advance, then you will find a good place on the first line with close proximity to shops and markets.

Try to choose a hotel based on your leisure, if you work most of the time, then you should choose the option away from the sea, apartments or hotels with pools and beautiful gardens.

If we compare housing with Thailand and Vietnam, then it will differ in price, almost twice as much in the Dominican Republic as housing prices than in Thai. However, the beautiful atmosphere, comfortable apartments with kitchens, gated complexes with swimming pools under guard will be a nice bonus when choosing a winter in the beautiful Dominican Republic.

Be sure to check with the lessor what is included in the rental price. In a good way, immediately choose the option, which will include utilities, electricity and cable TV fees.

  1. The beaches. You can talk about the white beaches of the Dominican Republic constantly and for a long time. They do not cease to amaze tourists and avid travelers with their beauty and snow-white sand. Of course, such words are unlikely to refer to many beaches in Thailand or Vietnam. The beaches are the visiting card of the Dominican Republic, they are watched and carefully treated by local residents.
  2. The climate. This is the most comfortable country in terms of climate in winter. The Dominican Republic is not as humid and hot as Thailand, in the evening you can dress something warm. It’s a paradox, but when you walk constantly undressed, it’s so nice to put on your favorite blouse in the evening and go for an evening walk. The ocean manages to cool off a bit, compared with the summer period, but swimming in it becomes even more pleasant. In the morning, the ocean invigorates well. Almost no rain, possible at night. (Read the article – “which month is better to choose for a trip to the Dominican Republic”) The winds blow strong and a little cool, but they are so gentle that they invigorate.
  3. Food. The abundance of fruit in Thailand can not be compared with any country, but in the Dominican Republic there are the same exotic fruits and coconuts. (Read the article – “A Variety of Food and Drinks in the Dominican Republic”). The cafes in the Dominican Republic are delicious, there is a lot of national food, but we will not meet such an abundance of seafood in Vietnam. Cheap street food, which is so common in Thailand, is not represented in the Dominican Republic.

A large number of supermarkets are in the Dominican Republic, with about the same prices as in Russia. Some products are even cheaper, for example freshly squeezed juice, but bread will be more expensive. Dominicans prefer products of longer storage: in stores there is only ultra-pasteurized milk, bread is bought with toast sliced.

The problems with tea in the Dominican Republic are acute, since tea is drunk only for medicinal purposes. In Asian countries, there is no such problem. Bring tea with you if you cannot do without it.

  1. Food delivery service. A large number of food delivery services are in the Dominican Republic: Pizza Hut, Chef Pepper. Food delivery services provide both local and international food. In Thailand or Vietnam, there is no food delivery or its very few.
  2. Nightlife. As evening falls, the Dominican resorts light their multi-colored neon lights and signs for bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants. The Dominican Nightlife Centers are the capital of Santo Domingo and the popular resort of Punta Cana. Latin American music, mesmerizing entertainment shows and a large number of festivals attract tourists from all over the world.

The vibrant nightlife is also present in Thailand and Vietnam.

  1. The Internet. The cost of mobile telephony is relatively more expensive than in Russia. If you need good internet for work, then choose a hotel or apartments with a dedicated line, as the speed of local mobile operators is very low.
  2. Children. Dominican residents are very fond of Russians and children. Children are held in high esteem and respect for them. Many tourists and travelers note a great love for the little guests of the island.

So we have listed the main advantages of wintering in the Dominican Republic, stopped at the most important points. Be sure to remember that before going on a long trip to the Dominican Republic, you need to be well prepared for the upcoming trip: book a hotel or apartment, plan your leisure time, and resolve issues with the necessary medicines.

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