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Awesome! How long have you spoken this word? When you looked at something, literally opening your mouth? It is becoming increasingly difficult to surprise us, such is modern life. We can use the Internet to reveal almost any trick or find the logic in the origin of outlandish phenomena.
However, there are places on the planet that fall into which nothing but “wow” can be said. Emotions alone cannot be described. This effect is provided from the two-day excursion South. Find out more. It will lead you to one of the main and most mysterious sights of the Dominican Republic – the anomalous zone of Polo Magnetico in the Sierra De Baoruko park, between the mountains of the province of Barahona. Here is an unremarkable stretch of highway with a slight downward slope. And then attention! Turn on the neutral gear in the car, and it goes uphill. And the higher the faster! Just remember the school, your physics teacher and the mark in the certificate – no, not a deuce. Then how is this possible?
Maybe there is in Polo Magnetico, a strong magnet, invisible to the eye, that attracts all metal things? We put experiments in the anomalous zone of Polo Magnetico Let’s try with a bottle of mineral water. We put it under her feet and immediately hear a slight gurgle. Rolled up. Herself. Soooo, urgently need a drink, that is, a drink. Suddenly from the heat imagines. Thirst was quenched, a little truth was poured, because the hands are shaking with excitement, and laughter is already sorting out the absurdity of the situation. And then the spilled water begins to flow smoothly up the asphalt. Like liquid metal, which is about to pile up and turn into a terminator robot. And here we have a bulk apple. This is it in fairy tales, it just rolls around on a saucer. The Dominican Republic is certainly a magical country, well, not so much! But this juicy fruit, refuting all laws, begins its journey to the top. What British scientists have established when studying the anomalous zone of Polo Magnetico This time they did not differ. So far, no one has been able to unravel the nature of this extraordinary phenomenon. The only existing explanation is tricks of the magnetic field. Why exactly here?
It is believed that this is an optical illusion, an illusion, and that in reality this section of the road goes down, not up. But after all, there were a huge number of people who left their car below and watched it slowly rise up the hill. It seemed to everyone? Mass temporary insanity? However, why listen to other people’s opinions, when you can see everything with your own eyes and figure it out and go to the anomalous zone of Polo Magnetico with a South tour. I want to know about the tour. Just imagine the facial expressions of your friends when you show the video you shot there with your experiments. Already have thoughts, what subject will you launch for climbing? Interesting or scary? I also want to intrigue, as is now customary, with some mysticism with otherworldly interventions, but alas. Although no less mysterious will be the previously unexplored sensation in the anomalous zone of Polo Magnetiko: when descending from the mountain on foot, something unknown will impede your movement, as if pushing back. And while walking around the neighborhood, my head is slightly dizzy and my legs give way – apparently this is how our vestibular apparatus reacts. Locals say that at night this mountain shines and thunders. It is probably recharged to receive tourists the next day. There are additional bonuses from a visit to the anomalous zone of Polo Magnetico. Gourmets will enjoy an unforgettable visit to the Sierra De Baoruko Park – they brew coffee that is considered the best in the country. And connoisseurs of cave art will be able to contemplate the drawings of the Taino Indian tribe – freedom-loving natives who were the first to rebel against Columbus. Judging by YouTube, something similar is observed in Tbilisi and on Mount Aragats in Armenia, but all these records will look somehow unconvincing. So take an excursion South. Travel Information. Go to the Polo Magnetic and you will see everything for yourself!

Our Tour Guides will be wearing a mask throughout the duration of the tour and wearing gloves when sanitizing, taking temperatures, opening/closing doors, and providing sanitizer to guests.

Before leaving our dispatch, each Tour Guide will ensure that all surfaces in the vehicle are properly sanitized and wiped down.

Prior to any guest entering the vehicle at their pickup location our Tour Guide will use a non-contact thermometer to ensure that anyone with a fever or anyone travelling with others who have a fever (any temperature over 99 degrees Fahrenheit) do not enter the vehicle. If a customer has a fever we will issue a full refund.

During the excursion our Tour Guides will be the only individuals to open and close the doors of the vehicle.

At each stop when guests exit the vehicle our Tour Guide will use sanitary wipes to disinfect commonly touched areas inside the vehicle.

Upon getting back into the vehicle our Tour Guide will provide hand sanitizer or wipes for each customer.

At the end of each tour all surfaces inside the vehicle will be sanitized and wiped down. We will limit the number of guests on our tours to 8 people.

We are expanding our communications about our refund policy to ensure anyone who is not feeling well will receive a full refund for the tour if cancelled.

Our leadership team will continue to actively monitor the recommendations from the CDC, WHO, and OHA and implement best-practices accordingly.

When you place your reservation we collect your name, email address, phone number, and home address so that if we receive notification that a guest has tested positive for COVID-19 we can contact all other guests that were on that tour.

All tour guests will be required to sign a Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement prior to joining the tour. If a guest refuses to sign the waiver they will not be allowed to join the tour. The waiver can be found here: Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement

As always, we will communicate clearly and directly about our plans and activities to continue to offer our tours in the safest possible environment.

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