Пляж Амор Доминикана, трансфер, фотосессия к вашим услугам


The Republic of Dominican Republic is one of the charming points of our planet. There are a lot of beaches here, although not all of them can be used to lie on the sand or arrange a beautiful photo session on it. Upon arrival, tourists head to private beaches. They are the cleanest and most comfortable for relaxation.
Particularly popular is the Amor Beach in the Dominican Republic, which is located in the Cabeza del Torro area. It is also called the coast of love. Since the place is commercial, they are allowed only after prepayment and recording are made. There are a lot of people who want to, so you should take care to make an appointment in advance. The landscapes are really magical and amazingly beautiful. Snow-white sand, a light breeze from the Atlantic, clear water – ideal for holding a wedding ceremony and photo shoot.
The beach is equipped with a mooring for yachts, there are original swings and fences. Dreaming of a fabulous, romantic beach in order to book a photo shoot in the Dominican Republic, from which acquaintances will be delighted, be sure to choose us. The territory is separated, and no one will stop you from shooting and relaxing. The fence will hide you from prying eyes and you can completely relax and get joy. And even suddenly someone is present, it can be agreed that there should not be anyone on a particular site. You can get to it in just a quarter of an hour from any hotel in Punta Cana Bavaro, Dominican Republic.

Photoshoot on Amor Beach

The photographer will take you exclusive photography and your photos will be a masterpiece. You can almost any family, wedding, single photo session. Since the beach is equipped with three independent parts, there is plenty of space there. Closed possessions make it possible not to worry that someone will disturb peace or interfere with photography.
Those who have visited here note that Amor is one of the best places for filming. Nature herself created this grace so that you can receive maximum bliss. Returning back with the album, you can amaze everyone with luxurious shots that are made at the highest professional level. We are sure that even sophisticated travel lovers will enjoy the beach. If you do not want to spend your vacation in order to go to the Caribbean or in a location like Saona, then Amor was created specifically for you. Gorgeous photos will retain the charm of a wonderful adventure in Dominicans even decades later.

Frequently asked Questions

How long does it take to get to Amor Beach? It will depend on where you will be. In the Punta Cana Bavaro area, you will spend no more than twenty minutes on the road. Is Amor private or wild? It is classified as personal, and if you want to plan a photo shoot, submit a preliminary application, and then pay a pass for it. If the Amor beach is private in the Dominican Republic, is it clean and the number of visitors is minimal? Absolutely right. The staff daily removes trash from guests or after a storm. Since it is fenced, the number of people you can meet is very small. You must pay for the visit in advance. When is the best time to schedule a shoot? We recommend that you arrange everything either in the morning or after lunch. This time is considered the best. Come to this paradise and enjoy magnificent views, relaxation and pleasure. Amor – hearts connect here!

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