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Vacation in the Dominican Republic

The relief of the island is very diverse. More than half of the country's territory is occupied by four mountain ranges that cross the island from north-west to south-east, as well as the plateau of the Sierra de Bahoruco in the southwest. The highest point of the Dominican Republic - Duarte peak in the northwest (3175 m.). Coastal and intermountain valleys occupied vast savannas (mostly long been used for farmland) and tropical forests.

The capital of the Dominican Republic

The city of Santo Domingo de Guzman, founded the illustrious governor borderlands Bartolomeo Columbus in 1496 - this is the first city in the New World. In 1990, its colonial areas have been declared by UNESCO "World Heritage of Humanity". Modern diverse city, he saves in his heart more than three hundred ancient monuments of the colonial era, carefully protected to visiting these places, we can ignore the present and imagine yourself next to Diego Columbus, Maria Toledo and ladies of the court, or to hear the story of the leader Enriquillo "human dignity and justice," signed the first peace treaty in America between the Indians and the Spaniards.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the romantic ruins of the Hospital San Nicolás (street Hostos), the Church of Carmen (on the corner of Arzobispo Noel and Sanchez), the church and hospital of San Lazaro (Piazza San Lazaro), the Church and the Cathedral of Las Mercedes (San Street -Mersedes) and Columbus lighthouse (near Los Parkes), the famous building in the shape of a cross, where the mausoleum containing the remains of Christopher Columbus. A pillar of the cross is 230 meters in length, beam - 70 meters. Construction of up to 70 meters in height.

Climate and weather conditions

Tropical trade wind, the sea. Average temperatures in the lowlands varies slightly - from 25 C to 27 C. The hottest month - August (up to 31 C), but the sea wind blowing from the north-east, soften and heat at this time. The most "cold" - January (about 22 C). High-altitude zone relatively poorly developed, but still in the mountainous areas winter temperatures can drop to minus mark.

For the local climate is characterized by high humidity - 65% to 80%. Precipitation ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 mm. per year. The rainy season lasts from May to August-September, when the tropical air masses bring the island powerful showers. Particularly strong rains in July and August, when the islands are going through typhoons. Also available are frequent but short showers in November and December. At other times, usually dominated by dry and warm weather.

From July to August, the country is often exposed to tropical cyclones. During this period of strong rains, storms, squalls and pressure differences are quite common. Wind gusts reach high speed and often a few days monthly precipitation falls. Approximation cyclone warning messages radio and television. It is recommended to listen carefully to the advice on how to behave during the passage of the cyclone, which also broadcast in the media.

Natural features of the country

More than half of the country's territory is occupied by four mountain ranges that cross the island from north-west to south-east, as well as the plateau of the Sierra de Bahoruco in the southwest.

In the vicinity of Jarabacoa are the most beautiful waterfalls of the country - El Salto Gimeno, El Salto de Bayyagate, Balneario de la Confluencia Department and the Balneario de la Guasaras. Southwest Xapabakoa vozvyshaetcya peak Dyapte - camaya vycokaya tochka Antilckix Islands (3175 m.), Which is considered a great place for trekking and mountaineering.

On the west coast, near the border with Haiti in the city of Monte Cristi are salt lakes Lago Enrique. Just beyond the enclosing bay coral reef island group lies.

Siete Hermanos, ("Seven Brothers" in the gray sand beaches that from November to February lay eggs large sea turtles.


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